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Renewtech is your circular IT service provider. We combine a strong focus on sustainability with strengthening your business through circular IT hardware.

Because it makes sense. For your business - and for us all.

Top-class hardware
- recycled & ready

Buy Back

Sell your used IT equipment to us – through refurbishment, we breathe new life into them.

Repair Services

Lower the TCO of your IT infrastructure – repair is the ethical, sustainable, and cost-effective choice.


Extend the life of your IT equipment 
– and save up to 70% on your IT infrastructure.

Configure your server

Choose the right parts for your server setup and get the most effective IT environment.

Cost-effective, reliable and sustainable.

In need of a specific server part?

You want it - we got it

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Lightning-fast connectivity

Your Premier Supplier of Fiber Optic Solutions

At Speeddy, we have specialized in high-quality third-party optical transcievers.
Choose Speeddy for dependable, cost-effective, and future-proof network solutions.


Forget waste – see the potential

In a circular world, there should be no such thing as waste. In our perspective, every discarded IT product or part is a raw material that can be used for something new. 

Renewtech is leading the way in bringing circularity to the IT hardware sector – and you are the one benefiting from this cost-saving solution. 

Our services

Third-party hardware maintenance 

Lifecycle extension, control over hardware upgrades, and mitigated e-waste. Our Third Party Maintenance service is an enabler. 

Buy Back / ITAD 

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Repair Services 

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Renewtech – Global IT 

At Renewtech, we see ourselves as providers of IT solutions to and for the world. 

We serve customers worldwide, and we do it with a dual purpose in mind: to enhance our customers’ business and to do it in the most sustainable manner. 

What can you expect from us?


How quickly can we deliver? As quickly as you need it.

Tell us when you need your IT product. Then we make sure you have it on time. From day to day when it is urgent. And otherwise within the agreed time frame. That is our philosophy.


Does +200,000 products sound unrealistic? You are welcome at our warehouse

Here, the shelves are always full. We take pride in having everything you need in stock. Both the most popular equipment and hard-to-find parts. Just ask us. And we find it immediately.


Can we talk IT with everyone? Oui. Si. Yes. We speak the language of the world

For us, good service goes beyond all bounds. Not only in Europe but also the rest of the world. We deliver to more than 80 countries. And we can help you with IT equipment in nine different languages.


Not sure whether refurbished IT equipment lasts? Let us give you a guarantee

You can be fully confident. We always prepare and test the IT equipment before we sell it. It is your guarantee that it lasts. And we are happy to give you that guarantee for a whole year.

At Renewtech, we help companies around the world make smarter and sustainable decisions about their IT service delivery.

Experienced efficiency 

Almost 30 years in the business and customers in more than 80 countries has made us a renowned leader in IT lifecycle management solutions and global IT service delivery. 

Our team of engineers and IT professionals has extensive experience working in storage, server and network hardware, available to assist you on-site at your facility whenever needed. 

The high level of experience leads to efficiency – we assist businesses in meeting their requirements for a fast, scalable, and cost-effective IT infrastructure. 

Do you need advice on buying or selling hardware? Fill out the form and we will return.