Renewtech BuyBack

With over 25 years of experience purchasing and professionally handling used and surplus IT equipment, we're here to help you get the most value from your outdated assets.

As a part of our extensive list of environmentally friendly ITAD services, Renewtech offers to buy your surplus IT hardware, ensuring that as much as possible will be refurbished, recycled, or reused.

Sell your IT equipment to Renewtech

We buy small and large quantities of used IT equipment for refurbishment and resale. Our fair market prices cover a wide range of servers, storage, and networking equipment from leading manufacturers, including:

Why BuyBack is the best way to dispose old IT

IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) is the safe and environmentally responsible way to reuse, recycle, repurpose, or dispose of unwanted IT equipment. By partnering with Renewtech, you can join this global movement and positively impact the environment. 

Reusing the internal components of IT devices keeps them out of landfills, reducing electronic waste and minimizing the amount of plastics and heavy metals in the environment. 

Good for You, Good for the Environment


  • Ensure secure and responsible data erasure
  • Contribute to environmental sustainability by extending the lifecycle of IT hardware
  • Benefit from our professional handling and 25+ years or experience
  • Enjoy a quick and efficient process from evaluation to payment

This is how our BuyBack works.
Step by step.


Submit an inquiry with a brief description and a list of the equipment you wish to sell. Please provide product and/or serial numbers, condition, quantity, and purchase date. One of our product specialists will then contact you to advise and guide you and your company throughout the entire process. 

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We provide a free and non-binding offer on a wide range of used servers, storage, and networking equipment from IBM, Lenovo, Dell, EMC, HP, NetApp, Cisco, and Supermicro. The price is based on the information provided at the time of valuation, and the equipment is assessed based on market value, condition, age, and model. 

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We take care of the transportation of the equipment, which is delivered to secure storage at one of Renewtech’s warehouses. We have full access to and extensive experience with a wide portfolio of logistics services and solutions from our network of reliable courier companies, including FedEx, TNT, and UPS. 

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Upon receipt, Renewtech carries out a fixed procedure that ensures an optimal process for the safe and proper handling of your company’s IT equipment. All units are registered, sorted, and thoroughly tested by a certified technician to verify their condition and functionality. 

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Data Erasure  

We ensure that all data is erased in accordance with applicable regulations, including the NIST 800-88r1 “Purge” standard, which is referred to by the data protection authority. We document all deletions and provide a data erasure report when the process is complete. 

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Payment is made via bank transfer or credit, which can be used for future purchases from Renewtech. The process is completed, and you have now received the most value from your IT equipment. 

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Good for you. 
Good for the environment. 

Data Security 

Handling sensitive information poses challenges for many businesses seeking to discard used IT equipment. At Renewtech, we offer secure and responsible data erasure of used servers, hard drives, storage devices, and networking equipment. This means that all confidential data is deleted according to current rules and guidelines, such as the NIST 800-88r1 “Purge” standard. 

Environmentally Friendly IT 

With strong focus on circular economy and value recovery, Renewtech extends the lifecycle of used servers, storage devices, and networking equipment — products often ending up as electronic waste on landfills before reaching their full potential. Thus, we contribute to both environmental sustainability and cost savings for your business

Professional Handling 

We have over 25 years of experience in acquiring used IT equipment from businesses worldwide, ensuring a quick and efficient process — from evaluation and pricing to final payment — without compromising quality. We assist you throughout the entire process and guarantee that your IT equipment is handled correctly and professionally.